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Najnowsze wydanie Warsaw East European Review już dostępne!

Lipiec 5 @ 08:00 - Wrzesień 30 @ 17:00

Najnowsze wydanie Warsaw East European Review już dostępne!

W numerze:

I. Trump, America and Eastern Europe
Warsaw East European Review Editorial Discussion. .

II. International and Regional Security
Metthew Bryza (United States) – Shaking the Foundation: the Trump Administration and NATO’s East

Daniel Fried (United States) – Defending the Free World

Graeme Herd (United Kingdom) – Remarks on Regional Security

Matthew Rhodes (United States) – Remarks on Regional Security

III. Hybrid war, Information War and Regional Conflicts in Post-Soviet Space

Kakhaber Kalichava (Georgia) – Between Kosovan and Georgian Breakaway Regions’ Conflicts. Historical Analysis of the Differential Aspects of These Conflicts in the Post-Soviet Period. .

Valeriy Kravchenko (Ukraine) – Change of the Security Environment in Transatlantic Region and its Impact on the Evolution of Foreign and Security Policy of the State

Yevhen Kutsenko (Ukraine) – Hybrid War Activities of Russian Intelligence Services Abroad: The Case of Ukraine

Yevhen Mahda (Ukraine) – Hybrid Aggression: Multi-Pronged Attack

Teimuraz Papaskiri (Georgia) – Fake History as a Tool of Russian Propaganda

Małgorzata Zawadzka (Poland) – Kremlin Propaganda and Disinformation in Georgia: tools, channels, narratives

IV. Foreign Policy and Geopolitics

Marijuš Antonovič (Lithuania) – Studies in Poland’s Foreign Policy: the case of Poland–Russia Relations

Barbara Curyło (Poland) – EU Public Diplomacy and Eastern Partnership: Some Reflections on Goals, Determinants and Constraints

Aydan Er (Turkey) – The Impact of the Iranian Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) on the Geopolitics of the South Caucasus

Evmorfia-Chrysovalantou Seiti (Greece) – EU foreign policy towards the Black Sea region – similarities and differences with the EU policies towards mediterranean

Konrad Zasztowt (Poland) – Turkey and East Central Europe: idealism, pragmatism, misperception or clash of interests?

V. Public Sphere in Post-Soviet space

Jan Holzer and Petr Martínek (Czech Republic) – Modern authoritarian regimes: a contribution to the systematisation of the continuing debate

Uliana Movchan (Ukraine) – Power-Sharing as a Peace-Building Solution for Ukraine

Shahla Kazimova (Poland) – The emancipation policy during the Soviet period in Azerbaijan

Olga Maksymovych (Ukraine) – Value Orientations and Social Status Aspirations of Frontier Teenagers in Eastern and Central Europe.


Całe wydanie dostępne jest bezpłatnie online pod tym adresem. Zapraszamy do lektury.


Lipiec 5 @ 08:00
Wrzesień 30 @ 17:00
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